“Give way to ambulance, someone you love might be in there” (Part 2)

The Blast
After two years of my husband’ death my life now has came to some routine. I have started to work in an organization to earn for my family. Everything was smooth with me after years. My daughter had got admission in a Medical College and I have found a valuable job. Daily I and my daughter share our whole day stories with each other and we two have made our own world together. But, something terrible again happened with me. It was November 2012, I was coming back home from office, suddenly a sound of booooom! And next moment everything was blurred. I was not much hurt, but I was bit unconscious that what had happened. After 5 minutes when I got my senses back I realized that it was a blast! Yes a blast but fortunately I was
bit far away from that place. When I managed to see around I found people injured lying on roads, roads full with bloodshed and I saw people crying. My heart knew the pain because I already had lost my beloved. So, I rushed towards the injured people to help them. Within few minutes the air of that area was full with the sirens of ambulances. Ambulances were nightmare for me. But this day I was surprised to see so many ambulances reaching at the sight of incident. I started to help people getting in ambulances, although it’s not considered a female job to do
such thing. But my heart was bleeding and I only wanted to save lives. At that day I realized Ambulances have power and they are very important because the role ambulances play is directly related to human life. Ambulances of different NGOs were working at sight of incident and people were helping the drivers and to take injured to hospital. Seeing this entire scenario I got my trust back again on ambulance service. This day people were giving way to ambulances,
this day they thought someone they love might be in the ambulance. This day every heart was filled with humanity, people were helping each other and in this way many lives got saved. Just a little sense of humanity, a little feeling for others and a heart to feel other’s pain can save many lives. When I was on way back to my home, on roads I saw ambulances moving with fast speed. I saw
people giving way to ambulances, I saw people helping ambulances and this all made me realize that humanity can do wonders! Ohh mama! Where have you been? I was worried! My daughter said while hugging me as I
entered the home. In front the TV was on and a news channel was showing news about today’s blast injuries and deaths. I said her I am all good darling get me a glass of water. The news was flashing that “Ambulances took the injured to hospital on time and most of the people are safe”. It was good to see such news although stress and pain for the 4 dead people was there in my heart. But I was happy to see the service of ambulances, and was wondering ambulances can work very efficiently if all people around help the ambulances!
The Research (Continue)
Sara focused her research mainly to Karachi. It was pity for her to find that in the city of more than 20 million populations only few government ambulances exists. And the service of ambulances in Government hospitals of Sindh is very dilapidated. To make it worse, Government ambulances are using Suzuki Hi-roofs as ambulances which are very small in size and patient face difficulties in such ambulances. According to the Health Department’s one official, the number of ambulances in Sindh is 310 in Public Sector, among these 150 are lying out of order. Moreover, she found in her research that the attendants of patients face a lot of
difficulty in shifting their patients from one part to another due to lack of ambulances. Now seeing these alarming statistics of ambulance condition of public sector, Sara started to dig out the conditions of private sector. Ambulances meant to be Life-Saving Vehicles but in our country ambulances are only working as transport for patients. Majority of the ambulances in our country and city lack common equipment which must be equipped in ambulances like; oxygen cylinder, cardiac monitor, X-Ray machine, ECG machine etc. One study Sara read which says, Pre-
Treatment can save a life. If the ambulances will get equipped with all these necessary equipment then ambulances will be able to provide Pre-Treatment to patients and even if they will stuck in traffic the common oxygen supply and cardiac pushes could be given to patients and it could save their lives. The pre-treatment is very important aspect which is neglected by all majority ambulance services in Pakistan. The concept of ambulance when came it said that ambulances are live saving vehicles. But in Pakistan, ambulances are not saving lives, they are
only taking patients to hospitals and worst thing is, the environment of ambulances is not good at all for patients. Due to such alarming situation in Public Sector people see the Private Sector with hope and Private Sector has came to fill the void. The number and condition of Private Sector ambulances are better than Public.
Presentation Day
It was 6th December 2013; today Sara had to present her research in front of her class and supervisor. She was bit afraid and nervous as well. Because the topic which she had chosen was may seem very common to other but to Sara this topic was something which she really wanted to know about, because the topic was related to something which changed her life. She studied and researched the topic with keen interest and now she was ready to present it in front of all. When her name was called Sara went confidently to stage and presented her research in front
of all. She described the data she gathered from survey and questioners. Sara compiled the primary and secondary data very efficiently which was showing true consequences of ambulance service in Pakistan. When she came on stage and started to speak it seemed liked words are carrying pain with them. She started with these words; “Ambulance can save a life, it only needs your help.” Then she showed the statistic that in Pakistan hundreds of people die
yearly because of either late ambulance service or ambulance get stuck in traffic. The data she gathered showed astonishing situation. When people were asked that when they see ambulance on their way, do they give way to ambulance? Only 23% people said yes and 77% said no. The condition is clear in this scenario ambulances cannot perform effectively. And the
number of public ambulances is also very shattering in Pakistan. She further said, an ambulance plays a very important role in saving a life. When there is a blast, an injury, a heart attack or any accident if ambulance takes a patient to hospital timely you are safe. Then by taking a sigh of agony she said in our country almost every day roads are blocked by traffic, everyday there are strikes everyday someone dies on roads. She came to conclusion by giving a solution a remedy of this problem. She suggested that if we want our people to realize how important their role is in saving life by giving way to ambulances, we should start doing awareness.
The Solution
Sara came up with two approaches. The first approach she thought would be beneficial in spreading awareness and solving problem could be by “Use of Social Media.” Why Social Media and how to use social media now these two questions aroused here. It was different thing for supervisor and others to listen. But Sara came up with this approach after searching so hard and after a smart thought. She shared statistic that, in 2016 it was estimated that 40 million people in Pakistan use smart phones, and usually people from 18-35 spend their most of the time in
using smart phones. So, after seeing such huge number Sara thought that it would be a wonderful move to target people at their favorite place. Sara herself noticed that she and all the people of her age have a mobile phone 24 hours in their hands, and they have access to social media every minute. That’s how Sara justified why social media? Part. Let’s move to how social media? Facebook and twitter are social media platforms which could be used for awareness in very efficient way. Because according to a survey it has found that people spend most of their time now using social platforms like facebook, twitter, whatsapp etc. So, we already have a huge
number of audience gathered at one place and a place of their own interest, it would be perfect to attract their attention at their own favorite place. Different NGOs, Individuals, Group of people, students, social activists, and advertising agencies can use these social media platform to spread awareness. A campaign can be started by students, they can put a status saying “Write Benefits of giving way to ambulances” and if a student who has 200 friends on facebook will update a status regarding the “importance of giving way to ambulances” it’s must that more than 80 responses will come and more than 100 people will read the status. In the same manner maximum audience can be reached on social platforms. Competitions, quiz and other
interactive activities can be arranged to attract audience and to aware them about the importance of giving way to ambulance. Second Approach to provide an awareness to the people about the life saving issue is to start
campaigns in schools, colleges and universities by arranging seminars and small events. When an interactive and interests events will be arranged like essay writing competitions, debate competitions, dialogue competition, theater competitions to define the importance of giving way to ambulance then it will be beneficial and fruitful. And a group of students should be made from every school, college and university as an ambassador to work for this cause and to
promote importance of ambulances in their campuses. She explained all this in such a manner that at end of her presentation all the people were clapping hard and were appreciating her work. For her quality research Sara got a position and she was determined to implement her research solution when she will get her degree. Strive for Good Today, Sara owns a small NGO which works to facilitate people in many ways. The main focus of NGO is towards providing safe journey of ambulance and to aware people about consequences which may save a life. Every month the NGO arrange 2,3 big events regarding the awareness program in different schools, colleges and universities. And sometimes Sara herself speaks as speaker and reaches the hearts of people. The NGO might is small today but the aim of Sara to
change the world, to save the lives and to make sure people get to hospitals on time is very big. She will continue to work for this cause, because she does not want many any other Sara will lose his father in ambulance. She does not want any other wife will lose her husband. She does not want any Father and husband leaves his family!
A simple act, a simple move, your 5 minutes, your single effort can save a life, think and act!
The Dead
I see my daughter from here, I feel proud of her today. I may not be able to tell her that Sara your dad loves you and he is proud of you. I may not able to love my daughter again, I may not able to give her my support but she has made me feel special even after my death. Her efforts in spreading awareness and working to save lives are something which gives my soul solace here.
My wife, her continuous support to Sara makes me love my wife more. I so want to tell these both women that they are proud of my life. I want to tell them their work is helping so many people in a positive way, and no more fathers now have to leave their daughters and die in ambulances now. I am dead, but I am happy that not much more people will face death in an ambulance if the people of world work together to save life, to give way to ambulances,
because it might have someone they love!

(The End)

“Give way to ambulance, someone you love might be in there” (Part 2)

“Give way to ambulance, someone you love might be in there” (Short Story)

The Daughter
It was the phone call which changed her whole life!
No one was home except her; she was praying that everything will become normal and fine again, she was in pain but still she had a hope that everything will be fine. Just now her life was begun, she had to take admission in best Medical College, and she had to make best career but a phone call which made her all dreams blur. Tring Tring. Tring Tring… She picked up with trembling hands and breaking breath, gathering all the courage she tried to listen, the other side of phone was noisy, it was confusing for her to understand what was going on, then a voice came; a voice of her uncle saying, Beta your father is no long in this world, he left us on way to
The Dead
Last thing he heard was his family crying and the siren of an ambulance!
My wife was terrified. Her hands were abrupt when she was pumping on my chest to help me breath. Although I could not see her face clearly at that time due to immense pain, but I knew she was terrified. I heard her sobbing, I heard her crying and then all went black for some time. Next moment I could not reach the words I wanted to say my wife, I could not see anything, and I only knew I was in an ambulance because the siren of ambulance was only thing I could hear
at that moment. Now, the pain in my heart was increasing with every moment, at that moment I was just praying to see my family again and to get rid of this pain. But the blackness was surging upon everything, upon my memory too. “Breath please Ali Breath, don’t stop breathing” I could hear my wife and brother crying for my breath and I heard the sound of vehicles and ambulance siren from far, I was wishing to reach hospital! The last sound I heard was crying of my family for my life and the siren of an ambulance….
The Wife
I saw hell and saw my whole getting ruined in an ambulance!
We were talking about the last night function, he was happy that he managed the company function successfully. Every time when he is happy, his eyes shine and his words come as a rhythm. He was telling me about some small mismanaged things, which he managed very smartly and saved the Annual Function of Company. He was talking unusually, he started to tell me all bad days he had faced in his whole life, and I was listening his every word silently and with a smile. And then strangely he took my hand in his hand and said he never wants to lose
me, and he loves me. I replied him; you will never have to lose me. After sometime he stopped talking and said he’s feeling some pain in his heart. I got worried, I said you lay down let me take water for you, but he stopped me from going anywhere and said the pain is increasing. Seeing his condition my heart started to pound heavily and I rushed to my brother in-law’s room and asked him to call ambulance right away. I had not seen him in such pain before; he was getting pale with time. I was terrified; I was all shattered from inside seeing his pain. But, I was giving
him courage throughout the way to hospital. In ambulance I was praying that we reach hospital soon and I get my husband back, but roads were full of vehicles and traffic was jam. At that day I realized that humanity is somewhere vanished, no one was giving way to our ambulance and my husband was there in the middle of the road was fighting the battle of death and life. At that day I saw heartlessness, the siren of the ambulance was not enough for people to melt their hearts and give us way. After 10 minutes the ambulance got way and driver took us to hospital
as soon he could. But, reaching hospital was of no use by then, because I knew he has gone. He had taken my hand all way tightly in his hands, but few moments before his hand had no life to hold my hand and his body was still. I saw hell and my whole life getting ruined in an ambulance, I saw my husband dying in an ambulance!
The Struggle

The daughter Sara had to face difficult days after her father death. No one was there to support her when she needed to go out and no one was ready to pay high expenses of medical college for her admission. She realized soon that the real struggle of her life had begun, and now she had to work hard for herself. After few months of her father death, Sara started to work extra hard, she studied day and night and managed to get admission in Medical College. It was first
achievement for her and for her family after their guardian death.
The Research
She entered in Medical and get determined when her teacher told that every student has to research on topic of their interest. She choose the topic; deaths in ambulances due to traffic in Pakistan. She chose this topic because she wanted to know how many people in Pakistan face the same consequence as she faced once. Now, day and night she started to research on her topic, and by studying one report she found that in Pakistan 45% people do not prefer ambulance because the patient is not very sick, 23% people do not call ambulance because of very slow service, 11% do not use ambulance when in need because they simply do not know how to find an ambulance (the contact number,) and 8% ignore ambulance because they can’t
afford the ambulance fee or due to high cost. Among many reasons the one reason was that people don’t use ambulances due to slow service and the statistic was 23% and she found it fascinating that due to slow service people have stopped using ambulances. This shows the poor services of ambulances in our country. But on thinking more about this statistic Sara thought that one cause of delay of ambulances is again the traffic and the blocked roads. Ambulances reach late to the destination either because of driver’s recklessness or due to traffic issue. So, from this statistic she found one piece of puzzle about her research. On studying more she found that In Pakistan many families face the scene of hell in world. On 4th of September, 2016 a woman took her last breaths in an ambulance and lost the battle of life. She couldn’t reach hospital due to the blockage of roads. The cruelty has taken big place in our hearts that we could not even give place to ambulances and patients and prefer to see them dead. Every city of beloved Pakistan is showing same scenario; in Lahore a child who had dreamt to become a pilot died because of blockage of roads in an ambulance at the place of Shahdara he could have lived his life but the blocked roads changed his destiny. A mother who lost her child on road knows the pain, knows how it felt seeing her son dying on road. And hoping that road might give way, my child might live but roads and vehicles never give way here……

(Part 1 Ended)


“Give way to ambulance, someone you love might be in there” (Short Story)

The only Caring and Sacrificing Human Relation!

When we wake up in the morning, we fill our minds with the daylong work list. Right from the morning we start to work and it differs from person to person. Housewives find the solace in serving their family members, they make sure that each family member is doing well and provide all with food and home comfort. This is the work for housewives, like my mother, like may be your mother. When she gets up in the morning, the first thing she does is to start preparation of breakfast for all family. She makes sure that no her child goes to school, university or at work hungry.  On the contrary, the children and other family members always forget to ask whether she has done her breakfast, whether she is fine.

Why I am writing about the only sacrificing human being on this earth today? May be because I love that human being so dearly and I can’t express my feelings completely in front of her. I become shy to express my genuine feelings for her.  I am writing this may be because like billion other times, last night my heart got filled with my mother’s  love when she wake me up from sleep and gave me dinner on my bed. No one else in the world cares that you have eaten anything whole day or not, except mother. Yesterday, whole day my mother’s thought did not linger in mind even for once, but I know I was there in her mind in her thoughts every minute.  Mother demands nothing from us, yet she is always ready to fulfill our demands. Mother, it is the only caring and sacrificing human relation on earth.


The only Caring and Sacrificing Human Relation!

The Same Secret..

maxresdefault.jpgI don’t know why but after so long I have just opened this blog site and I am feeling like writing.

When there’s no one in our room, no one is around, we are in all solitude; we think of  that memory which we fear to share with any of our family or friend. That thing keeps itching our soul inside but we never try to put a balm over it to finish that itching, because we fear that balm might cost us so much. We are good and happy beings when we’re there in outer world, we enjoy making fun of some people with our friends, we hangout with besties, we study in a group, we go out on dinner and lunch, we chat, we socialize  and behave all amazing.

But then, sometimes suddenly we feel wounded and all those memories came back to us and take hell out of us. Because, sometime, somewhere in past something had  happened with all of us which is unforgettable, which has made a home of haunted memories in us. Those memories chase us wherever we go, in our dreams we try to survive and save ourselves, deep inside those incidents those memories have been settled in a way a stubborn child who does not leave home to go to school.

All life we remain fighting with our fears, we remain hiding those things from everyone, we try to forget which is unforgettable. And we don’t share even a word about that with anyone because we think it’s our deepest secret. But we are so innocently blind to see every one of us is going through same war, every one is playing same character in this play and every one of us shares this same secret. Since we share this same secret, it’s not a SECRET anymore!

We all girls have a same secret!


The Same Secret..

Do we love Corruption ?

Once upon a time, world was a big dysfunctional family. It was run by the great and powerful parents, and their naughty children were helpless and hopeless. If any of the children questioned the authority of the parents they were scolded. If they went into the parent’s room or in their secret filing cabinet, they were even punished. Then one day, a person came in that town with boxes and boxes in his hands. He gathered all the children and showed them the secret files their parents were hiding, and in those files the only thing found was corruption.
In this story the dysfunctional family is our country, parents are our leaders, we are the helpless children and the thing which our leaders are hiding is their corruption files and bank accounts.

Its no false if I say, corruption has been the bane of every society in various degrees throughout the ages. All prophets, saints, political and social scientists have crusaded against the vicious consequences of corruption.

William Gaddis once said: “Power does not corrupt people. People corrupt power.”

Isn’t it true what he said? Definitely it is ..

So the next question arises here is,

Do we love corruption?  Everyone reading this if I ask you how many of you arrive late at your classes, or work place, offices, duty there would be many hands shrouded. It is a simplest example of corruption which I can give to make my point visible that we really love corruption.

Let’s talk about Financial Corruption that our country is facing, I will not call it a financial corruption, but a moral corruption because we are having Greedy Leaders, who are not accountable to anyone of their wrongdoings. Again there is nothing that forces them to be corrupt, but themselves.

When a final year student of Medical failed to answer what’s the use of antibiotics, here teacher did corruption.

In this country a two months baby dies just because doctors gives her wrong injection, this is corruption.

Corruption is when a newly made bridge collapses and kills many innocents.

It would be no wrong to say, we have got corrupt teachers, corrupt doctors, engineers, politicians and now we, ourselves are becoming part of this decease. I just want to convey a message that if we truly want to end corruption we have not to “LOVE CORRUPTION”.


Do we love Corruption ?