A Same Secret..

maxresdefault.jpgI don’t know why but after so long I have just opened this blog site and I am feeling like writing.

When there’s no one in our room, no one is around, we are in all solitude; we think of  that memory which we fear to share with any of our family or friend. That thing keeps itching our soul inside but we never try to put a balm over it to finish that itching, because we fear that balm might cost us so much. We are good and happy beings when we’re there in outer world, we enjoy making fun of some people with our friends, we hangout with besties, we study in a group, we go out on dinner and lunch, we chat, we socialize  and behave all amazing.

But then, sometimes suddenly we feel wounded and all those memories came back to us and take hell out of us. Because, sometime, somewhere in past something had  happened with all of us which is unforgettable, which has made a home of haunted memories in us. Those memories chase us wherever we go, in our dreams we try to survive and save ourselves, deep inside those incidents those memories have been settled in a way a stubborn child who does not leave home to go to school.

All life we remain fighting with our fears, we remain hiding those things from everyone, we try to forget which is unforgettable. And we don’t share even a word about that with anyone because we think it’s our deepest secret. But we are so innocently blind to see every one of us is going through same war, every one is playing same character in this play and every one of us shares this same secret. Since we share this same secret, it’s not a SECRET anymore!

We all girls have a same secret!


A Same Secret..

Do we love Corruption ?

Once upon a time, world was a big dysfunctional family. It was run by the great and powerful parents, and their naughty children were helpless and hopeless. If any of the children questioned the authority of the parents they were scolded. If they went into the parent’s room or in their secret filing cabinet, they were even punished. Then one day, a person came in that town with boxes and boxes in his hands. He gathered all the children and showed them the secret files their parents were hiding, and in those files the only thing found was corruption.
In this story the dysfunctional family is our country, parents are our leaders, we are the helpless children and the thing which our leaders are hiding is their corruption files and bank accounts.

Its no false if I say, corruption has been the bane of every society in various degrees throughout the ages. All prophets, saints, political and social scientists have crusaded against the vicious consequences of corruption.

William Gaddis once said: “Power does not corrupt people. People corrupt power.”

Isn’t it true what he said? Definitely it is ..

So the next question arises here is,

Do we love corruption?  Everyone reading this if I ask you how many of you arrive late at your classes, or work place, offices, duty there would be many hands shrouded. It is a simplest example of corruption which I can give to make my point visible that we really love corruption.

Let’s talk about Financial Corruption that our country is facing, I will not call it a financial corruption, but a moral corruption because we are having Greedy Leaders, who are not accountable to anyone of their wrongdoings. Again there is nothing that forces them to be corrupt, but themselves.

When a final year student of Medical failed to answer what’s the use of antibiotics, here teacher did corruption.

In this country a two months baby dies just because doctors gives her wrong injection, this is corruption.

Corruption is when a newly made bridge collapses and kills many innocents.

It would be no wrong to say, we have got corrupt teachers, corrupt doctors, engineers, politicians and now we, ourselves are becoming part of this decease. I just want to convey a message that if we truly want to end corruption we have not to “LOVE CORRUPTION”.


Do we love Corruption ?